Additional 40 Hours Of Training

Windom saw that the private “security guard” industry was just perpetuating the cycle of low standards and policies. Armed security guards are only required to complete a 16 hour basic course before receiving certification. Unarmed security guards only need to complete an 8 hour basic course. The result is an industry of untrained guards responsible for safety and security at various private and public posts. Organizations that require contract private security are at the mercy of luck and we saw this as an opportunity to make a change. Windom is the example of a new category of security that is above security guards but below law enforcement.

Elite Windom Basic Academy graduates are selected to undergo additional intensive detailed training to become armed and unarmed security specialists. Windom Security Specialists have received extensive training for jobs that involve higher threats and require special capabilities. Held to standards you will not see in the security guard industry.

Prior to be assigned to any specific post, Windom Security Specialists will undergo intensive additional training in tactics that apply to the job.