128-188 Hours Of Training

The Windom organization challenged the status quo because we believe in thinking differently and, more importantly, thinking effectively. We saw an industry where security agencies were able to do the minimum and under the illusion of providing security still successfully run a profitable business. That is not how we measure success. So we took the risk of starting from scratch to create a training academy that our team was able to develop to address security issues today. Windom took the basic training requirements of the Department of Public Safety, the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, and Military Recruit Basic Training and combined them to create a private security basic training program that raised the bar in minimum standards. Graduates from the Windom Basic Academy are more intelligent, credible, and capable to handle security for today’s threats than you will find anywhere else in private security.

Graduates will be well versed in the following specialties:

  • De-Escalation Techniques
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Lethal Weapon Tactics
  • Non-Lethal Weapon Tactics
  • Gang Threat and Recognition
  • Drug Trafficking Recognition
  • Human Trafficking Recognition
  • Suspicious Activity Indicators
  • Live Scenario Based Tactics
  • Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu Training
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
  • Data Collection and Reporting Procedures


Prior to be assigned to any specific post, Windom Security Guards will undergo intensive additional training in tactics that apply to the job.