The advancement of science in security is essential if security is to retain client, law enforcement, public support and legitimacy. Technology gives Windom the ability to monitor and guide all of our security specialists and guards in real time. We always know where we are and what we are accomplishing. This level of control not only provides Windom the operational efficiency we require it also affords our clients the ability to prove our services.


Similar to law enforcement’s computer aided dispatch or CAD, Windom is always standing by in support capacity. Since we leverage technology to always remain connected we are able to react quickly when necessary. Our clients always have a direct connection to Windom’s system of security.


Security and speed go hand in hand so Windom invested in a system that gives us eyes on always. Not only for the management of our team, but also for the safety of our team. Our security specialists and guards are trained to handle the situations we place them in but we are always aware of their exact locations for safety and service reasons. Clients have access to where Windom is while on the job.


When our security specialists and guards are in a conflict, using a cell phone for obtaining videos and images not only escalates a situation it can hinder our physical capabilities. Therefore, Windom equips our team with quality body cameras. Windom stores this data keeping it safe and secure for future use regarding reports, evidence, and accountability.

Predictive Patrolling

Our patrolling is random to the public, predictive to us.

Windom’s Intelligence Department is constantly analyzing data derived from multiple sources relating to our clients properties and their surrounding neighborhoods. Technology gives us the capability to be prepared and efficient. We leverage a database of local incidents above and below the police report level that is updated daily and reviewed before we begin our shifts. Using our technology we have the tools to know where to be and what to look for based on predictive criminal and vagrant daily trends.  Preventative measures cannot always be proven, but intelligent deterrent strategies can be verified by trends in future reports.