Schools and Universities

Windom specializes in school safety and security.  We begin with a complete onsite security and threat assessment of your campus, bringing to your attention potential security or safety hazards.  We make recommendations for security enhancements that we feel are appropriate and necessary to address today’s threats.  Aspects covered in this report include the physical structures, access, barriers, threat awareness, security and emergency procedures, training, liaison with local law enforcement as well as other anecdotal items impacting facility security.

Similar to a school resource officer, Windom has armed and unarmed school security specialists who are trained appropriately for the school or campus setting.

Today, schools are required to do two or three fire drills a year.  There is no question as to the fact that this a necessary practice that undoubtedly saves lives in a fire.  Disaster preparedness is essential and there is no better way to prepare than that of having an updated emergency plan and the appropriate training to implement it effectively.  Fortunately, during the last 50 years, there have been no large fires resulting in student fatalities while on campus.  However, tragically, school shooting incidents are on the rise and have resulted in hundreds of deaths of both students and faculty.  So why are all schools not required to participate in two or three “active shooter” drills per year?  Windom Security Strategies Today believes it is essential to prepare for any disaster, especially those that are more common, such as an “active shooter” event.  Our team has developed active shooter and workplace violence recognition protocols to assist in training your faculty and staff.  Analysis has shown that when seconds count during a critical incident, well-trained personnel are less likely to panic, more likely to save their own life and that of others and are better suited to help law enforcement in the subsequent investigation.