Client Reporting

Windom’s clients are always informed when we are on the job and afterwards. Our company is constantly gathering and analyzing data solely for the purposes of providing more in depth security on your property. Using this data we are able to view trends in criminal activities so that security adjustments can be made. This is an opportunity to legitimize our strategies or, more importantly, show our clients when further measures are recommended. Windom pays attention so you don’t have to worry if there is more to be done to protect your property.

For our longer-term assignments, Windom schedules milestones for security assessments and client audits to keep you informed and assured that your investment is showing results. We don’t wing it. During these assessments you will receive reports involving all security aspects regarding your property.

Our clients receive daily activity reports providing them with everything that they need to stay updated on their security. Windom’s reports are accurate, thorough, and also contain high-resolution images and video always on time. Customizable reports tailored specifically to your needs. Delivered in any format you request.