Patrol and Static

Patrol Security

Windom only uses marked company vehicles for our patrol services unlike the competition that requires their employees to drive their personal vehicles with a magnetic sign attached. Not only is this unprofessional it is more importantly a potential liability for the company and the clients. Personal vehicles, even though it may be accidental, can contain hazardous objects that you do not want on your property. Our company owned and insured vehicles are dedicated to our jobs and equipped with all of the necessary and potentially life saving tools we require to be prepared.

 Patrol security has a lot of advantages over static security on certain properties as shown below:

Always Alert

Windom’s patrol routes always involve specific tasks to be completed by our guards and specialists. These include the typical scheduled tasks and checkpoints but more importantly they involve covering the entire property and adjacent buildings so that we always appear to be present. This level of focus and attention always keeps us busy and therefore more alert.

Effective and Immediate Response

If and when an incident is reported, patrol security has the ability to get to the scene faster giving the perpetrators less time to cause more harm or escape. Under normal circumstances, patrol security is also able to cover more square footage in less time than static security.

Increased Property Coverage

Patrol security can carry out a wider range of internal and external checks throughout your entire property no matter how large it is. This is especially important whenever a CCTV system is not being used. Windom patrol has the ability to check your entire property for signs of forced entry on perimeter fencing, checking for signs of graffiti or vandalism, or looking out for any suspicious activity within the vicinity of the premises and the adjacent buildings multiple times throughout the shift.

Level of Uncertainty for Criminals and Trespassers

Windom patrol security appears random only to our clients and their visitors. This is one of the biggest advantages patrol has over static security because it creates a level of uncertainty for any criminal looking to commit an offense. The ability to cause any potential perpetrator to think twice before acting is a direct result of the deterrence created by Windom’s security efforts.

Cost Effective

Patrol security has economic benefits that our clients benefit from. If you need security to protect your property over a long period of time but you are on a tight budget then in this respect patrol security is a cost effective solution. Unlike on-site static guards or specialists who are paid to be there for the duration of their shift, Windom patrol security only charges you for the times that we are on your property. This also allows you to spread out your security coverage over a longer period of time.



Static Security

Windom tailors our static security posts to meet the specific needs of our clients and they are not necessarily always stationary. Every property is unique and therefore must involve a strategy that is efficient and effective in order to provide the level of security that Windom stands for. We are not the stereotypical “mall cop” security company that acts more like a staffing agency. If you are looking for just someone to sit at a desk and watch the clock we are probably not your solution. Our static security guards and specialists are trained to provide the protection that you won’t find anywhere else with strategies that make us over-prepared for today.