Large Venue or Special Event

A special event, such as a major gathering of spectators, performers and/or the public, requires detailed security planning as well as unique assets and informed decision-making.  These infrequent but highly publicized events draw large crowds as well as curiosity seekers and at times, individuals seeking to disrupt the occasion. Don't leave your venue safety and security planning to chance.  Windom Security Strategies Today takes a comprehensive approach to large event security, including on-the-ground intelligence gathering and venue vulnerability and safety studies well in advance of event day. We meet with stakeholders, local police and event sponsors/organizers to share intelligence and threat information, culminating in a well-sourced, detailed and reliable response plan covering all pre and post event contingencies, as well as procedures for implementation during the gathering.  Although comprehensive security guard service is an essential element to special event security, well-trained and informed personnel may mean the difference between proactively detecting and neutralizing a threat and reacting in the aftermath of an actual criminal or terrorist act.