Windom Security Strategies Today's leadership has a long history of effective crisis management, both overseas and domestic, during military and intelligence operations.  Stateside, our Chief Intelligence Officer held the position as Deputy Manager for Crisis Recovery for the 2008 Phoenix Superbowl and FBI Crisis Manager for both San Juan and Phoenix offices, appointed by the Secretary of Homeland Security.  In other words, we have the experience to handle any size crisis for your school or business.

In an uncertain world, your organization may be running smoothly one minute and be buffeted by crisis the next.  A current and effective crisis management plan will increase the safety and well-being of your employees, clients and students and provides you with the necessary skill sets and peace of mind when they are most needed.  A good crisis management plan-and a well-trained staff-attends to the needs of personnel and their families, speeds institution recovery and provides a consistent and well-articulated message to the public.  Before a crisis occurs, count on Windom Security Strategies Today for crisis management training and response evaluation.