Connection To Law Enforcement

Private Security / Law Enforcement Partnership

Our country’s law enforcement agencies are constantly being asked to do more with less-less money and at times fewer resources.   The founders of Windom are determined to assist law enforcement in filling those gaps, while maintaining its status as a private company.  We’ve taken the initiative in partnering with federal, state and local law enforcement by providing them with valuable and timely intelligence reporting that gives them a heads up in identifying emerging crime or homeland security threats. Through these efforts, Windom’s clients benefit from a proactive approach that is constantly working to prevent crime on their properties. Not just while security is present. We do this through our intelligence cycle.

Windom Intelligence Cycle

Law enforcement agencies are keenly aware of the need to obtain intelligence from a wide variety of sources.  With so much information coming in and with precious few resources, we see great value in putting an extra set of eyes on the street to help them out.  Windom security guards and specialists routinely gather information in the field that could represent that crucial missing piece in an ongoing investigation or possibly be an indicator of a homeland security threat.  Before sharing the information with authorities, the information goes through a process wherein the source is “vetted” as to access, motivation and other factors.

In an industry where private security companies claim to have “relationships” with local law enforcement agencies, the reality is that often such relationships may be sporadic or unproductive.  At Windom, our intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination cycle is geared toward providing our law enforcement officers with timely information, which can hopefully facilitate better resource management and a more thorough understanding of their domain, or area of responsibility, (AOR).  It’s an intelligence cycle that has no start or end point; rather, it is an ongoing process.

Take a look at the diagram below to get a visual concept of the Windom Intelligence Cycle:




Intelligence Collection at Client Property.

  • Criminal Intel
  • Homeland Security Threats
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Counter Extremism


Windom Intelligence Processing and Exploitation.

Finished Intelligence Products

Arizona Intel Hub

Arizona Counter Terrorism

Information Center

Law Enforcement Agencies

Intelligence Agencies



Law Enforcement

Client Property Local Law Enforcement Intelligence Office.

Law Enforcement Resource Assignment