“Active Shooter” Awareness

We’ve all heard of the horrible shootings that take place from time to time in cities large and small.  Sometimes, a school is targeted.  At other times, it is a place of worship or a theatre, cinema, shopping mall or airport.  These violent interruptions cause mass chaos and death.  In the aftermath, they leave a profound sense of fear, despair and loss.

How can we as a society better understand the active shooter?  What is a “mass shooting”?  Are there pre-attack indicators?  Are there ways to predict who will become such a shooter (a shooter “profile”) and what are the warning signs?  What is the role of law enforcement in preventing mass shootings? 

Windom Security Strategies Today offers a basic “active shooter” awareness course.  The course is designed to familiarize you and your employees with the phenomenon and provides insight into the “active shooter” mindset and possible situational triggers.  It also conveys the basics of the “run, hide and fight” principle, providing attendees with the knowledge needed to take immediate action to thwart and attacker or to take evasive measures.


- Active Shooter Awareness Training is conducted solely by Security Strategies Today, LLC. SST is an Arizona security assessments, training, and consulting company established in 2011.