The hospitality industry is generally considered to be made up of those establishments providing services to travellers or those conducting company business.  It also extends to restaurants, airlines, cruise ship operators and other common carriers.  Most hospitality businesses are related to hotels, lodging and hotel infrastructure, though tour operators performing travel-related services are often included under this category.

The hospitality industry faces unique security challenges that derive from its stated reason for being, that is, to provide an open, comfortable and hospitable place to rest, sleep, conduct business and socialize.  The quandary facing the industry is simple:  how to offer a welcoming atmosphere while at the same time implementing stringent security measures to protect guests, clientele and employees.

In the US, most hotels make no use of the intrusive security measures seen at airports, for example.  This does not mean that they have no security in place.  In fact, the trend today is to move toward a multi-faceted security protocol involving visible means as a deterrent and behind the scenes, unobtrusive techniques, such as screening of guests based on their requests, method of payment or even internet presence.

At Windom Security Strategies Today, we advise the hospitality sector on security issues related to the industry and use real life examples to demonstrate the effectiveness or lack thereof of those in place.  We provide training and briefings on what can go wrong and how to mitigate its effects or reduce the likelihood of an adverse security event.  Your reputation is at stake and you need to be proactive in the face of a growing number of attacks on what can be called a “soft target”.