Critical Infrastructure is defined as systems and assets that are so vital to the public that the incapacitation or destruction of such systems and assets would have a debilitating impact on security, the economy, public health or safety, or any combination of these.

Windom security specialists are trained in protecting high threat assets.   Our experienced team comes from a diverse background and has taken part in numerous missions, both in the US and overseas, involving the safeguarding of critical infrastructure.  These have included United States embassies and consulates, sensitive sites in Afghanistan as well as US government facilities at home.  Notably, we have had a lead roll in designing protection details and intelligence analysis for high threat or “special” events, such as the annual NFL Superbowl game.  These highly visible events and infrastructure present an attractive target to would-be terrorists or extremists and special care must be taken to protect them.

Similarly, local, state and federal facilities must protect against an array of threats, from potential terrorists to aggrieved employees seeking to exact revenge for perceived wrongdoing or unfair treatment.  Our trained guards and security specialists provide not only high quality, professional guard service, but threat awareness and recognition training for your staff.  This unique service separates us from the competition and allows the client to better understand the operating environment, putting threats into context and obtaining clear guidance for enhancing site security.